I’m just writting to check if I can upload posts in the class blog and if so to explain how I’ve done it.

First of all you have to do an account on wordpress clicking on the link Fernando send us, then you only have to follow the instructions. After it you should receive another email saying that you have been invited to be a contributor in the classrooom blog, the link there takes you to the blog. For uploading posts like this one you must go to the bottom of the page and click where it says WORDPRESS.COM. Then you go to the main page where you can log in with the name and password you used for your account. When you have done it you will see data from your personal account; in the upper part of the page it says MY DASHBOARD, clicking there you get to another page which talks about your blogs and recent changes, for posting select the POSTS button on the left and you will arrive to a kind of application to write. Be sure that the permalink you use is the one of the biology class, when you have written it click on SUBMIT FOR REVIEW (blue button on right) and if everything goes well you will be done.

I hope this is helpful, sorry if there is any grammar or spelling mistakes, I’m in a rush!

Bye, Angela