All right! our blog is being reactivated, we propose one post a week as a biology summary of what we have done. Once we know how to post and so on we will prepare a calendar to know who works each week, right? Plus any volunteer post that you want to add, of course.

But first, you must complete your blog homework, remember: post anything but include a link and an image. By doing this you say you want to take part in the classroom blog.
Deadline by the end of this week.  So next week we get serious with this project.

Up to know we are in 6:

Very good work guys, I have seen your posts and they are very interesting:

  • Albert- good video choice that is a very clear example of meiosis.
  • David, yours is also a good one I like those videos in which you fee like traveling into the cell, but in this case it is an awful music, don´t you think?
  • Ruben- wonderful an quick help to explain how to post images but what is up with those monkeys, I guess I´ve missed something.
  • Iratxe?? –  I can see your pink words but keep on trying with the image.
  • Santi- yes, sing me in your My name is Ralph fan club.
  • Ángela- really good summary post to clear our ideas up

And now I propose you the categories that could organize our blog:

  • Contents (BIO- GEO)

BIO Subcategories:
cells & cells division / DNA / Inheritance  & genetics / Evolution / Ecology

  • News
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Lab
  • Doubts
  • Funny or curious stuff
  • Blogging

you can write comments to tell me if you would include any new category or delete any of these.

Genetic Adjustments illustration by Chris Buzelli, I found it here