Today in class,we talked about “genetics” which we also mentioned a brief  history of Gregor Mendel. He’s considered the father of genetics.His experiments with pea plants and later mice established the basic principles of heridity.What motivated him to conduct these experiments? According to Mendal it was “for the fun of the thing.”   

What really confused me was the different examples we did with flowers,which we mentioned cross-pollination and self-pollination.Now a Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a fower.

Below is a labled structure of a flower.



Hello Everybody,in class Sir.David mentioned what “Mendal” used to pollinate or fertilised the plants without the agents of pollination.Can anybody tell me what it was.

If  i’m wrong about my quetion just tell me. Also the last picture below shows a table-like or tells a way of  how Mendal  did his experiments.i hope you like it

Albert A.