• Tuesday 2 of February:

Firstly, we asked our doubts and questions about the topic to the teacher, as it was the last day before the exam.

As second activity, we corrected the homework , the definitions of gene and trait.

1. A gene is, basically, the unit of DNA sequence that encodes for a protein.

2. Genetic traits are the physical characteristics brought about by the expression  of one or more genes. For example, height, eye colour and hair colour are all traits.

Then, Fernando made a scheme about how genes in DNA are able to form proteins that “contain” genetical traits.

DNA (genes)  ———> RNA ——–> Proteins ———> Traits

I have found this strange but interesting website, www.attotron.com, where you can experiment with a DNA-RNA-Protein translator. Quite curious.

  • Thursday 4 of February:

EXAM DAY: Topic 3: The origin of life.

  • Friday 5 of February:

We welcomed a new topic, Genetics. As an introduction we were asked, in groups, to predict the offspring colour of a yellow and green peas. As some knew and others have discovered, this is one of Mendel experiments. In this case it was the Plant Hybridization, in which Mendel compared seven genetical traits of two varieties of pea plants (colour and smoothness of the seeds, colour of the flowers, shape of the pods, height of the plant… etc.)

Knowing that the “yellow chromosome” was dominant, and so the “green chromosome” recessive, the final diagram that we managed to develop was something  like that: