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I undertand a web, or a blog, like a fractal structure, I love the way they connect one web-page to a different one, and tend relationships between them. I also like the sharing power of this new technologies, so that we can make the world know what our interests are, what pages we visit, which ones are useful, which ones are funny.

Then I invite you to share your favorite WEBS to be added as a LINK in our side bar. OK? (interests, hobby, fun, useful, tools, whatever you want to recommend to anyone hanging around here). Let´s share them.

You can post them as a comment to this post, or you can email them to me or just write it on a paper and give it to me.

It´s  me who starts. – This is  an on-line dictionary, I use it a lot: – I also like visiting this blog it is mainly about environment (the author is from Aragon) and he also likes sharing some other interests  as television, music or gadgets.

Finally, they are not related to natural science but we can also share here some personal interests, I like these two artists, they are awesome: Spanish photographer British street artist

Looking forward to visiting your favourite links