Griselda Pascual was born on 1926 in Barcelona. She had a doctorate in mathematics and she was algebra lectured of the University of Barcelona. In 1950 she was institute professor in Tortosa, later in the Maragall institute of Barcelona, when the city only had twelve institutes, developing there one of its main areas of work: the teaching of mathematics. She has CSIC scholarship and then with a Von Humbold scholarship, she studied diferential geometry in Freiburg (Germany),  theory of groups and lattice and she started her works about plane’s and sphere’s mosaics. On her return, she participed in the work devoted to the education reform of baccalaureate and fought to introduce in it the so-called mothern mathematic. Along three years she was director of the maragall high school of Barcelona. In 1974 she had a doctorate about Numbers Theory. After her retirement, she finished the traduction, fom latin to catalan, of the Aritmetic Disquisitions of Gaus, published by the Catalan Studies’ high school (1996) in edition facsímil.