Ruth Moreno

(Tuesday, 2nd march) Today we have done the exam of GENETICS. The exam was composed by several questions such as:

  • 4 problems of genes related to blood, sex linked diseases and normal diseases such as albinism. One of them was related to gene schemes and the rest were related to punnet squares. One of the punnet square related one was similar to this:

In cats, black color is due to the gene, B, and yellow its allele b. Yellow is incompletely dominant to black and with the heterozygous condition results in a colour known as calico. What kinds of offspring would you be expected from a cross between a black male and a calico female?

B > b                                                   Male: XY (X: B)

Female: XX (X: B ; X: b)

Punnet square solutions:

50% (1/2) of the daughters: CALICO.

50% (1/2) of the daughters: BLACK.

50% (1/2) of the sons: BLACK.

50% (1/2) of the sons: CALICO.

  • Some test questions similar to those from the IGCSE but in these test questions you can have more than one correct answer (you have to mark all the correct answers).
  • Definition question. We had to define terms such as: allelle, heterozygous, genotyope…

(Thursday, 4th march) Today we have gone to the computers room. The teacher has given up the exams and we revise them and check our mistakes.

During the lesson, Fernando has given us instructions for the work we will have to do during the holydays (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The work is in groups so we have made four different groups of 4 people each.

Next Monday is 8th March the day of  International women´s day. Because of this day we are going to make 4 different works (each group a different one) related to the influence of WOMEN IN SCIENCE. The four different works are: WOMEN IN SCIENCE, ECOFEMINISM, NATIONAL IMPORTANT WOMEN AND INTERNATIONAL IMPORTAN WOMEN.

We have use today’s lesson to start the work and organize how the group is going to work.

Sorry for been late,

Ruth Moreno