These are  two normal rats and one geneticlly modified.

Some chimeras, like the blotched mouse shown, are created through genetic modification techniques like gene targeting.

These fishes had been genetically  modified.

These is a group of people looking at a  field with genetically modified wheat.

That is a mixture of a zebra and a horse.I thought it was genetically modified but is a human made, a hibrid like the donkey.

Is that a cow,  is that a cat? No is a cat-caw. I am sorry but this is a mistake, that animal do not exist.

That is a genetically modified  corncob , it seems to be normal but it isn´t.

The information of this link is about GMO´s and icludes this picture explaining why is not normal wheat.

These is how is treaty the diabetes, puting a insuline gene in  a plasmid.

I don´t  know how to upload videos ,so here are the links:

As the teacher asked me this are the links of the imajes, they are in orther: