The professor George Wolfe explains that natural selection and evolution is practically impossible to experiment about it, and why? Because we have to remember the basic point of evolution, as he says, is change through time. We had been studying evolution for hundreds of millions of years, and we can’t know the future of evolution because we won’t know what can happen to environment and if we don’t know that we don’t know what could happen in nature.

George Wolfe says that we know that natural selection can occur because artificial selection has always been happening, but he says that this is not evidence this is a story. The he puts the example of one experiment with the drosophila fly. They select an amount of lots of bristles versus one with few bristles. And what we can see in the video is that we see three different populations. One population has many bristles, other one has few bristles, and the last one medium number of bristles. The professor George says that may be the number of bristles can be related with the ability of survive, so lost of bristles may be good relating to be in the environment or few bristles may be good, depending of natural selection.

Finally, he explains one experience of him. His son got an infection cause by bacteria, and they went to the doctor and he recommended them an antibiotic for two weeks. So his son took the antibiotic during one week but the only thing that happened that his son felt better. In few days his son was ill again, what happened was that few bacteria were very strong and they could resisted the antibiotic. So as the professor explains we select the fittest bacteria and they reproduce because they have been adapted to the environment of the antibiotic.