That video explained one of the Darwin’s trips and how he little by little started to suppose what may have happened with some fossil animals and their situation.

So, he took the HMS Beagle (a boat) in 1831 and left England, at first he arrived at Cape Verde islands. There he was at the top of a cliff above hundreds of feet from the beach and he could find some shells. Here were his first questions: How could they been here? Could the sea be hundreds of feet once?

Once more he took the boat and in this time he arrived at South America. There, in Argentina, he could find some fossils of big quadrupeds like elephants or hippos, so they started another time to ask his-self thing knowing that in Argentina there wasn’t animals like the found ones. He though, How do these quadrupeds get there? Where they go? and also Could they migrate here once?

Here was when Biogeography started to work in Darwin’s mind. At the video the definition of Biogeography is not explain so I have found a simple one in Wikipedia.

Biogeography is the study of the distribution of biodiversity over space and time. It aims to reveal where organisms live, and at what abundance. As writer David Quammen put it, ” Biogeography does more than ask which species? and where? It also asks why? and, what is sometimes more crucial, Why not?.” The patterns of species distribution across geographical areas can usually be explained through a combination of historical factors such as speciation, extinction, continental drift, glaciations (and associated variations in sea level, river routes, and so on), and river capture, in combination with the area and isolation of landmasses (geographic constraints) and available energy supplies.

The idea of change established its roots when he was at South America and noticed an earthquake. Quickly he started to measure all the things he could and discovered that the village have drop the distance above the sea three feet after the earthquake. Darwin started here to suppose that geological changes were released with evolution.

One of the last deductions Darwin made was when he found some claims in a mountain. There he asked another time, How do they get it? and, Where mountains under water once?

Some Questions

– What was Darwin way of work?

– Why were Spanish named?

– What was Biogeography?

– What question was always Darwin asking about?

– What was the last important question saying at the video?