Zapatito de Dama

The Cypripedium calceolus, or commonly call “Zapatito de Dama” or “Zapatito de Venus”, is a beautiful orchid that have the flower as a lovely yellow petal with purple spots. It has a little shoe form that is an insect tramp to make sure pollination happen. It is endangered specie.

This plant spent the winter inside the stem, which is horizontal and subterranean and which has buds in where the roots appear. The stem length is over 20 and 60 cm of high.

It usually flowered between the second week of May and the last of June. Each flower last between 11 and 18 days open.

The “Zapatito de Dama” Could be found on North America, Eurasia and Japan. Here in Spain, is only finding on the Pyrenees and on Barcelona and Huesca regions.

On the Aragón’s Pyrenees is place at 1.200 and 1.600 metres of altitude. Here are about 3.225 that are share between Sallent de Gallego (that have 2.300), Pineta (900) and Ordesa (9).

The orchid lives in wet forest or grasslands that are near those first. The main causes of its extinction is its beauty adding also the changes on the ground caused by the humans when try to look them nearer.

We can try to protect these species if we don’t cut or collect them, if we follow the fixed ways and even if we don’t throw anything to the environment.

Here is the web page where I have found the information, I have only post the most important facts of these plant, but if you see the link, there is more fascinating information:

Here is an interesting web page where you can find some information about endangered species in Aragón, about the ecosystem…etc. (all related with our region)