This natural park was created in the year 1918 for only the valley of Ordesa, but at the end of this century, by 1982 it was amplitude to the Macizo de Monte Perdido: Pineta Valley, Gargantas de Escuaín and the canon of Añisclo. Each one of the valleys has different characteristics. The Park is located at the Aragon Pyrenees, at the Huesca province. It territory belongs to different villages from the area.

We can recognise in this valley information about the history of our planet, the origin of the Pyrenees, the effect of the glaciers period and the erosion of the last periods of time.

Because of the sediments and the contrast of the climate, this natural park is very rich in flora; it has from very Mediterranean plants to the ones that belongs to the glacial age that have survived thanks to the altitude. Most of this plants, mainly flowers, have become endemic because of it shape, colours and texture.

Also the natural park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido have a great variety of fauna such as the white partridge , the vulture leonado, the osprey and also different types of mountain goats. Also specie called marmot that was introduce, have developed it population. All these species have a great amount of population thanks to the work to the people that protect the park.

This natural park has lots of routes to make excursions, the great views of mountain ranges, vegetation, rivers and if you have luck you would see some mountain animals. An example of an interesting route could be the one that goes from the collado of Bujaruelo to the top of the Escuzana.

To finish, I want to point out the action of ecologist groups to protect animal species of this natural park. One of the animals that are in damage is the one called grizzly bear. There are only a few ones living in the Pyrenees and the government have to introduce new ones from other countries such as Romania, to increase the population of this incredible mammal.