Cities are growing massively, and three main problems caused by this expansion are the increasing number in population, the wasted time in traffic jams and long displacements and the pollution, noise and accidents due to the big amount of private vehicles.

This is why in some towns and cities in Europe, like ours here in Zaragoza, people have protested and proposed some changes in the public transport services and the private uses of vehicles in the streets.

Some measures carried out by the city council are the so called ‘Ecobuses’ which work with biodiesel (a respectful fuel with the environment made with renewable raw materials such as vegetal oils or animal fats).

Another solution to the problems above and for short displacements the use of bicycles or just walking around the streets (for which the sidewalks of the streets have been extended).

Bicycles are a perfect mean of transport for cities like this, they are cheap, respectful with the environment and easy to use and transport. These are the main reasons why the city council has started up the expansion of tracks for bicycles around and in the center of the town.

In order to promote the use of bicycles, a new system of circulation by means of payment bicycles has begun (Bizi). These bicycles are available by a reasonable price and just by getting a “bike card” you can use any of the bicycled disposed around the town during half an hour.


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