We have finished the school year with very good biology and geology results.
Furthermore this year we have tried with the experience of working with the blog, it has been useful as a class diary but also as our own brief encyclopedia or resources list to get information from.

If we check out the data we have edited 109 posts along the school year, it is astonishing the number of 23,450 up to today (june 30th) and the busiest day a total of 580 people came around our blog, it was on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010.

Looking at the graphs either by weeks or by months we can remember the hard beginnings when neither the students nor the teacher knew anything about blogging, little by little we started with the project in a calm way, just after Christmas we decided to reactivate the blog and since then our work and the number of visits has been increasing, in June (our last month with the project) we have achieved a number of 8480 visits.

I am proud of your work and by the beginning of the year I could not imagine such a success of this blog.

This is a project finished in the academical sense, but now you can feel free to keep on posting here your opinions, suggestions, interests, or whatever you feel like. Congratulations again for this great work, it has been a pleasure learning with you.

Enjoy the summer.

; –  )