This is  our first attempt to create a classroom blog in which we can publish information about the topics we are studying during the school year.

There is a lot a lot a lot of information on the world wide web about everything, so this blog could become a good tool to select the most remarkable links related to our subject taking into account our level.

Knowing that new technologies are part of our modern daily life, this blog is also one more way to show the work of the students and it can give precious information to the teacher to evaluate them.

This blog is part of a cross-curricular science teaching, ours is a bilingual school (English-Spanish) and we focus on the communicative competence. And it is a collaborative blog published by students (4º E.S.O.), so  you could find some grammar mistakes not corrected as far as the communicative purpose is clear.

Then, summing up this blog could be understood like a Biology and Geology group portfolio, or at least that is my initial idea, later on we will see how it evolves.


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