We have finished the school year with very good biology and geology results.
Furthermore this year we have tried with the experience of working with the blog, it has been useful as a class diary but also as our own brief encyclopedia or resources list to get information from.

If we check out the data we have edited 109 posts along the school year, it is astonishing the number of 23,450 up to today (june 30th) and the busiest day a total of 580 people came around our blog, it was on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010.

Looking at the graphs either by weeks or by months we can remember the hard beginnings when neither the students nor the teacher knew anything about blogging, little by little we started with the project in a calm way, just after Christmas we decided to reactivate the blog and since then our work and the number of visits has been increasing, in June (our last month with the project) we have achieved a number of 8480 visits.

I am proud of your work and by the beginning of the year I could not imagine such a success of this blog.

This is a project finished in the academical sense, but now you can feel free to keep on posting here your opinions, suggestions, interests, or whatever you feel like. Congratulations again for this great work, it has been a pleasure learning with you.

Enjoy the summer.

; –  )


Yeah guys, we did it!

Our aim for this new year was to reactivate our classroom blog and according to the monthly statistics chart that you can see here. We did it, indeed.

I have to thank you for pushing this project with your effort and your time and I can tell you that there are people  who are really proud of your work (me included, of course).

So, I encourage u to keep on working like this.

Then a new tasks calendar…

  • Next week: Paula and Perseo are in charge. Paula will do the doubts task and Perseo the summary.
  • And the first week of march (shorter week that one, including an exam in it), it will be Ruth who is in charge of both tasks (summary plus doubts)

After the Cincormarzada we get a new order.

Image from here

I undertand a web, or a blog, like a fractal structure, I love the way they connect one web-page to a different one, and tend relationships between them. I also like the sharing power of this new technologies, so that we can make the world know what our interests are, what pages we visit, which ones are useful, which ones are funny.

Then I invite you to share your favorite WEBS to be added as a LINK in our side bar. OK? (interests, hobby, fun, useful, tools, whatever you want to recommend to anyone hanging around here). Let´s share them.

You can post them as a comment to this post, or you can email them to me or just write it on a paper and give it to me.

It´s  me who starts. – This is  an on-line dictionary, I use it a lot: – I also like visiting this blog it is mainly about environment (the author is from Aragon) and he also likes sharing some other interests  as television, music or gadgets.

Finally, they are not related to natural science but we can also share here some personal interests, I like these two artists, they are awesome: Spanish photographer British street artist

Looking forward to visiting your favourite links

Hi, here we are with the guidelines for this blog project, I have written them by myself but they are open to be changed according to your opinions, so do not hesitate in saying what you think, remember this is OUR project.

  • Authors:

We fixed a deadline to sign in this blog project writing a first post and this seems to be the authors result… (in alphabetical order, just with your names, not family name this time)

–         Ana

–         Ángela

–         Albert

–         David

–         Ruben

–         Santi


–         Iratxe ?? please confirm that you can write a post with images and links. give it a try!

–        Izarbe?? (I had some communication problems with her, so she can try getting into the blog project this week)

You two should confirm your participation by writing a first try post as soon as possible.


The rest of the people:

Ruth/ Paula/ Irene/ Irene/ Perseo

You did not join this volunteer project on time, if you regret not joining and now you would like to, please make me know. I know some of you want to join the project then, please write a blog post (with image and link)  as soon as possible to be signed up.

The more we are the better this blog project is.

  • Roles

Let´s say that there are 2 roles assigned per week:

-1-  Answering doubts – You are the one who must answer any other doubt on the blog. So anyone can post a question to be answered and you should find the proper explanation. Furthermore I can (and I will) post some questions to make you work a little bit. Visit the site periodically in case any doubt appear.

-2- Biology week diary writer– And you are the one who has to sum up what we have done during those three biology lessons we have per week. You can do it just in one post or in 3 different ones as you prefer but the point is that the main concepts that we have explained should appear in your posts.

Roles Task Deadline: As we said this a weekly work so, let´s say that you should finish it by the end of the week, and as we all do not like rigid deadlines and our firt biology lesson is on twesdays let´s say then that every Monday night you should have finished posting your work.

  • Plus

Your Extra posts–  Of course any other Volunteer Collaboration from anyone will be very welcome, so even if it is not you who has a role during that week you can write a post to recommend any video, link, piece of news or whatever that you can find somehow interesting or related to the subject.

– My Extra task suggesitons: From time to time I can ask you to collaborate sending posts about any particular matter. For example now as a beginning task I will ask you to send any LINK that you find useful, so that these links go to the sidebar.

Comments– Furthermore, we all are readers of this blog, then if you detect any mistake or you think that you can add some info, please write a comment to make us know. Comments would help the blog be more fluid.

  • Calendar
  • It could change if more people join the project.

Answering doubts Biology week diary writer
Jan Ana Ángela
Feb 1st– 5th Albert David
Feb 8th – 12th Iratxe? Izarbe?
Feb 15th-19th Rubén Santi
Feb 22nd-28th Ana Ángela
March 1st– 5th Albert David

I think that this project can be very good for all of us so let´s start:




Illustration by 
(I found it here )

Our blog has got a new face.

This means that our new project is on. Soon you will have a calendar with the tasks and the blog guidelines too.

Meanwhile, you can tell what you think about this new face, do you find any familiar image in the header, does it make any sense to you?

All right! our blog is being reactivated, we propose one post a week as a biology summary of what we have done. Once we know how to post and so on we will prepare a calendar to know who works each week, right? Plus any volunteer post that you want to add, of course.

But first, you must complete your blog homework, remember: post anything but include a link and an image. By doing this you say you want to take part in the classroom blog.
Deadline by the end of this week.  So next week we get serious with this project.

Up to know we are in 6:

Very good work guys, I have seen your posts and they are very interesting:

  • Albert- good video choice that is a very clear example of meiosis.
  • David, yours is also a good one I like those videos in which you fee like traveling into the cell, but in this case it is an awful music, don´t you think?
  • Ruben- wonderful an quick help to explain how to post images but what is up with those monkeys, I guess I´ve missed something.
  • Iratxe?? –  I can see your pink words but keep on trying with the image.
  • Santi- yes, sing me in your My name is Ralph fan club.
  • Ángela- really good summary post to clear our ideas up

And now I propose you the categories that could organize our blog:

  • Contents (BIO- GEO)

BIO Subcategories:
cells & cells division / DNA / Inheritance  & genetics / Evolution / Ecology

  • News
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Lab
  • Doubts
  • Funny or curious stuff
  • Blogging

you can write comments to tell me if you would include any new category or delete any of these.

Genetic Adjustments illustration by Chris Buzelli, I found it here

First you need permission to do so from fernando, then try to post.

Then you’ll find an icon just THERE

You click and you’ll be ableto post images from an URL or fromyour own computer


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