Here I post a link with a webpage about ecology which gives a good help with the topic.

I also recommend this search engine named Ecosia . For more information, watch this video about the webpage.


”Kids do ecology”

You bet it’s for kids. Anyhow, it outlines the basis for further studying of ecology. In it you can find: good explanations of ecology concepts ( go to Learn about ecology →Frequently asked questions), a list of main biomes with their characteristics and an article about endangered species; among other stuff.

I also recommend this page, especially for the ones doing the IGCSE. It’s simple, in a wikipedia style, but helpful as a summary (note some things belong to higher years) if you’re revising.

I like this web page because it has information about a lot of different topics and it is very well explined. It also has things about ecology and ecosystems.


Today we have made an introduction for the new topic, ecology. We have designed a spider diagram by brainstorming and then the teacher had explained us the most important words, the ones we are going to study. We have talked about biotic and abiotic factors of an environment, the relations between them (simbiosis, etc), food webs and food chains, biodiversity…

Here is a complete webpage about this.

This is a good web page about ecology :

On the video of the theory of natural selection the teacher talks about Darwin and his theory.

Darwing started thinking about two circustances, the favour variations who want to be preserved, and the unfavour variations who want to be destroyed, this led to the theory of natural selection. Firstly, he wrotte but didn´t publish his theory of natural selection.

Also Darwin though about artificial selection, there are a lot of examples about it, for example horses, cows, fishes… By artificial selection we can have cabbages, couliflower, rapeseed, turnips or brocoli from a white mustard plant.

Now we are going to see the important years of the theory of Darwin:

1844- Darwin started to study a lot of biology from books, specially he studied burnacles, he spent 8 years studing burnacles. He wanted to study them bebore publising his theory of natural selection.

1856- He wanted to make sure his theory, so nobody could argue with him. So he started thinking in overpopulation. Finally Darwin was convinced by his friends to give out his theory.

1858- Darwin appeared before The Linnaean society and propose the theory of natural selection.

1859- The controversial book called Origin of species was published.

1871- In this year Darwin publish another book, more controversial than the last one, called The origin of man.

Darwin said one of the most simplest, elegant and important theories, that was the theory of natural selection, that consist on 5 points:

1) Overpopulation: more organisms are born than can posibly survive.

2) Variation.

3) Competition: organisms would compete for everything.

4) Fittest will survive.

5) Reproduction.

Finally the teacher say that all of this traits will be passed to the next generation.

I think i can now post a link, an di undesrtand what the teacher had said.

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